TENER vs HABER - 3 Ways to Use "To Have" Verbs in Spanish

TENER vs HABER – 3 Ways to Use “To Have” Verbs in Spanish

In this video I’m going to show you how to think about the Spanish verbs tener vs haber.

Specifically, you’re going to learn when to use each of these Spanish verbs accurately despite the fact that they are both the translation of the English verb “to have”.

With that said, here is a quick preview of what you’ll learn:

– How to use the Spanish verb tener to talk about possession and ownership
– How the Spanish verb haber is slightly more complicated than most Spanish verbs and how you should think about it.
– How to use Spanish verb haber using the impersonal form
– How to use verb haber in the form we need to talk about events in the past

Check out the previous video mentioned in the lesson:

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